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Testimonials for Paul Perris

20th July 2016

Paul is a trusted friend who uplifts me when my spirit weakens and my doubts bring me down. He has never waivered from his initial understanding of the situation. I look forward to everything unfolding as you said. Zoe, Worcester

17th July 2016

Ok I must admit, Paul you are fabulous , I mean every detail you gave to me ( dates, time frames outcomes) were exactly as you said they would be. My jaw dropped when your first prediction came true on 16th June. You dont waste time in your readings, you are accurate and you are a definite favorite from all the others. Jenny, Esher

14th July 2016

When I spoke to Paul on July 3rd he said I would get much more clarity by 14/15th. It happened on 14th. Thank you so much Paul, Liz, Cambs

12 th July 2016

Paul has an extraordinary gift. He is able to tune in to my feelings and understand why I feel the way that I do. I have spoken to Paul a couple of times within the last few weeks about a relationship problem that I was having. He was able to ease my heart and mind by letting me know what the other person was feeling and what is going to happen. Everything he said would happen has unfolded exactly the way he said that it would. Thanks for everything Paul, Barbara, South Croydon

10th July 2016

Loved my reading, Thank you Paul. Gwen, Bucks

5th July 2016

Thank you Paul for your input, you are great and on my favorite list. Fiona, Gwent

2nd July 2016

I have read with you Paul several times and I always find you inspirational, supportive and amazing. You are by far one of the best psychics I have read with. Helen , Uckfield

28th June 2016

Paul you are very fast and I believe accurate in your readings, you didn’t ask for any information and yet provided so much detail. I rate you as one of the best. Clive, Essex

14th June 2016

Paul you have helped bring closure to a situation that I was completely clouded on. Everything that you said was spot on. I want to thank you for leading on to the right path and leaving the past relationship behind me. Thank you so much. Denise, Harrogate

3rd June 2016

I read with you on 24/5, you said by bf will contact by 28th. YES, he did contact me on 28th after almost 3 weeks of silence. Still lots of complicated feelings to get back together but we are getting there, Thanks Paul. Louise, Belfast

30th May 2016

Paul was truly amazing , I asked him one question and he knew all the specifics that no one could know. Very accurate and professional , I am looking forward to events unfolding. He is very gifted and delightful. Georgina, London

5th May 2016

This was my first time calling Paul, he was so down to earth and nice. I cant wait to see the predictions unfold. Chris, Bearwood

30th April 2016

Paul so casually mentions truths, I dont think even he is aware of the impact his visions are ?in reassuring me. John, Canterbury

1st April 2016

Paul is sincere and able to connect with powerful loving souls. I asked specific questions re worrying issues. He connects with entities so high that to see the extensive picture, not just aspects of the auric field. ?Harriot, Clapham

15th March 2016

I can determine straight away if a psychic has talent. Paul does! I asked for a general reading, and he picked up on a situation that I had been dealing with and was absolutely correct. I would definately call him back if I need clarification on anything else, give him a try. Carolyn , Blackpool

3rd March 2016

Reading with Paul was refreshing and left me feeling great about my life path, Kirsty, Ellen

27th February 2016

Thank you Paul, you were very accurate and fast with your reading, I would recommend you and will return at a later date to check in again. Dawn, Norwich

9th February 2016

Paul is very confident in what he sees and I came out of the reading feeling so much clarity and feeling so much more assured. I will again soon to update. Belinda, Croydon

30th January 2016

Paul picked up on my situations very fast and covered all my concerns that I had difficulty in dealing with, in a very calm manner” Jason, Dover

1st January 2016

Paul seems like one of the kindest people on the planet, He cares so much and has so much compassion into what he does as is he is saving you from a world catastrophy. I have kept his words of support with me. ?Mary, Bexhill on Sea

1st December 2015

Awesome, straight to the point and doesn’t waste time. I didnt have to ask many questions as he answered mostly everything without me saying anything. Richard, Wolverhamton

21st November 2015

Paul you are amazing, I will call you again, thank you so much for your help. So far everything that you have said has come true. Donna, Swaffam

3rd November 2015

Paul inspires confidence when there is doubt and should be listened to when there are no answers coming from yourself. Ken, Hebden Bridge

25th October 2015

Paul is very uplifting and gives a true sense of speaking from spirit. Rosalind, Stalham

13th October 2015

There is something about Paul that lets you know he is for real and lets you know that he is being honest with you. I trust him and this means alot. Eric, Reading

1st October 2015

I am very glad that I tried calling Paul. You can sense that he is honest and gifted just by the way he comes across. Sue , Dundee

20th September 2015

During my first and subsequent readings he has told me things that he can clearly see that I had not mentioned. he has given me enormous confidence in his special gifts. Bonnie, Littlehamton

3rd September 2015

Love reading with Paul, He is so enthusiastic, full of energy and incredibly positive. I am excited about what he sees for my future. Amy , Littleport

26th August 2015

I have had several reading with Paul and he is to be believed. Janet , Newmarket

17th August 2015

I feel so alone in this world but Paul always speaks of someone looking over me in the spirit world, which I believe is my dad. I call Paul regularly, ?he always gives me the renewed strength to carry on. Linda, Devon

2nd August 2015

Paul is helping me through a very challenging time at the moment which is my deepest time of darkness before my dawn is about to break. ?David , Andover

31st July 2015

Paul did not waste my time. He summarized well and now I will leave it in the Lords Hands. Nigel ,Dartford

17th July 2015

Paul was very quick in doing his reading. He was very accurate and able to give a quick summary in a limited amount of time. Henry, Portslade

2nd July 2015

It was my first reading ever and I was amazed at Pauls seeing gift. Ian, Hunstanton


21st June 2015

Paul hands down is one of the best psychics I have ever read with. Be prepared he is very fast when he reads with you so be sure to have a pen and paper ready to keep up with the information that pours from this phenomenal man. Hilary, Cornwall.

12th June 2015

Hi Paul, I wanted to let you know that one of your predictions came true. You said that you see me happy and with my Visa granted by my Birthday on 12th June. Wow, I just received the great news today. Thank you Paul, I will call again soon. Jillian, Birmingham

1st June 2015

Paul honed in straight away on the issues with insight and gave me very good predictions. I hope all this good news comes to pass. Victoria, Knightsbridge

16th May 2015

I have not spoken to that special someone in a while. You told me Paul that he would try to call today to get a feel as to whether I am upset or not. Guess what !! That is exactly what happened. Thanks Paul, I will be speaking with you again very soon. Julia, Worcester

17th May 2015

Thank you Paul for a great reading, you are one of the best . Rhona, Portsmouth

17th May 2015

I dont usually like leaving testimonials, but I spoke to you Paul a little while ago and all I can say is WOW! You picked up on exactly how I was feeling and what has been going on in my relationship. You are straightforward and fast. Loved my reading with you and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. ?Thank you for putting my mind at ease. Angelina , Madrid

18th May 2015

Paul , you are an absolute sweetheart. You picked up on something spot on without me saying anything. You are great !! Ashley Hastings

19th May 2015

I am so very glad I spoke to you today Paul. You cleared my mind, heart and soul on a very special relationship. I had often got devastating readings from other psychics and you were able to give me an explanation for it. ?You are very caring and I feel that your psychic gifts are very powerful. ? Hayley Canterbury

20th May 2015

Words flow with ease from you Paul. I now just listen to you and not speak. You often make several casual remarks – hours later i think OMG- I never told you or what it referred to. Further confirmation of your sincerity and truth.

10th May 2015

Paul you are to the point extremely quick and information flows rapidly. You knew things very specific to my situation. How both me and my guy were processing things and what our obstacles were. You are Great! Thank you Paul. I left our reading with Clarity and renewed hope and faith. Your time line is much in line with other psychics that I have spoken to and had nothing to do with astrological trends. Alice Sommerset

11th May 2015

Paul , Thank you so much for your input. I can not wait for your prediction to become a reality. You are great and my favorite psychic that I call. Bernadette, Lancs

12th May 2015

Paul , your rapid firing of details is amazing. Anyone that calls this guy, get a pen and paper ready and write as fast as you can!! You clearly understood the situation as if you were in the room with me while it is happening. You gave me much needed validation. I will definately circle back as I wait for your predictions to unfold. Thank you Paul for reminding me who I am!! Much Needed today ! Claire Reading

14th May 2015

Loved my reading, Thankyou. Anonymous

15th May 2015

As always Paul, you are very inspirational, accurate and a great Psychic. Thank you for being there this past year with the job situation too! Carolyn Nice South Of France

1st May 2015

Paul you are accurate, professional and clear. I have heartfelt gratitude to you Paul. ?You are compassionate, clear and truthful. I am confident in your reading and wait for what I hope for to manifest. I am so impressed with this reading, excited and grateful. ?Georgina Aberdeen

2nd May 2015

Paul, i just had a reading with you this morning. You are wonderful!! It was such a pleasure speaking with you. You pulled me out of a very low point. You have given me hope and told me not to give up. ?Again, Thankyou, I am so grateful. Sophie Newmarket

4th May 2015

You are too good !!My fourth reading with you now. You correctly predicted an important event for me. You are ?fast, precise and without hesitation give time predictions. You just asked for my ?name to start and never stopped or thinked, ?you just go !! Just amazing. You have to read with Paul. He is a joy to talk to. Philipa Maidenhead.

6th May 2015

Paul is Fabulous ! Without me even asking he described my situation to the letter. He said 22nd – 24th March that I would see a change and I did. Richard came back then saying he had made a big mistake and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Call paul PLEASE !! Janie Lisbon

7th May 2015

I connected with you Paul instantly. You are compassionate , direct and a really good soul. You predicted an event that actually happened. ?I am blown away, impressed and so pleased with your accuracy. Truly gifted, Anthony NJ

9th May?2015

Paul, its such a pleasure to talk to you ! You always sooth my soul. You are a special man, I hope your predictions come true.

30th March 2015

Hi , Just giving an update on my Reading with you Paul. I needed to get in contact with my boyfriend by his mobile phone was disconnected, Paul you told me that it was all being Handled and it would be up and working in a few days. Yay !! He text me tonight to let me know that he phone was re activated today !! I will be so happy if the rest of your predictions come true as well. ?Crossing fingers , toes and everything that everything happens. Jane London

28th March 2015

I love speaking with you Paul. After speaking with you I find you make me feel that every thing will be ok and work out. Paul you say exactly the same as any other psychics that I have read with, and I cant wait to let you know that everything has happened. Sarah Torquay

27th March 2015

Paul your Fantastic!! Dived straight into what you saw, didnt waste any time and was right on track with what I wanted to talk about BEFORE I even asked any questions !! Unbelievable. This man is amazing. Give him a call before he puts his prices up!! Rachel Sweden

26th March 2015

Wow!! I am still on a high after my reading with you Paul. ?You are a kind and gifted Earth Angel !! All you asked was my name and you described my relationship issue perfectly, picked up on the other woman as well as confirming the turn around will soon happen. Paul you Lifted my spirits and I cant wait to have a reading with you soon. Doreen Birmingham

24th March 2015

Paul is amazing !!Picked up on Micheals energy within one minute of our connection, you read him like you met him and knew him for years . ?( this confirms to me that you are ?accurate) I love your quick style, words flowed and you did not waste minutes. Thank you Paul, I will be calling again very soon to update you. Harriet, Cumbria

15th March 2015

It was a pleasure speaking with you Paul today ! He is very kind man and never defensive. You gave me specific information that only I could know about my girlfriend. I am so happy I chose to read with you Paul today. John . Spalding

10th March 2015

I am so happy that I chose to read with you ?today ! You are my Favorite reader to read with, if you have not called him yet, PLEASE do now. he is 100 % accurate. Love him !! Anonymous

6th March 2015

Thank you Paul, Very uplifting and totally wonderful talking to you. You are one of the best readers I have ever spoken to. Diane Cambridge

4th March 2015

Enjoyed a very positive reading with Paul today ! His positivity is infectious. Recent reading lifted me from very low depression. ?Love this wise owl psychic. Paul dropped a bombshell of fact without realising he did it. ?You have to talk to this man. Jean Austrailia

2nd March 2015

I have spoken to you Paul several times, Your predicions have not wavered at all. ?I am waiting patiently for them to come to pass and for me and Jim to be in harmony again. Carol Newcaste



Pay On Your Credit or Debit Card

0800 043 1026

Credit Card Line

Lines Open 10am - 10pm £29.95 for 20 minutes.

Under UK law, readings are regarded as for entertainment purposes only

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