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Twin Flame Readings

June 18th, 2015

Twin flames are the other half of our soul. We only have one twin, after both of you went in separate directions, incarnating over and over to gain more and more experience before coming back together again. You have probably had many lifetimes with your twin.

Each twin is a complete soul not a half soul, and the objective is to become more whole becoming more enlightened , before reuniting with their twin.

You may have had unusual dreams/ thoughts about a mysterious person, and get the feeling that this person energy seems familiar, like you have met before. ? There may be an unusual ?event that surrounds the initial meeting of a twin flame, unexpected and out of the blue. There can often be strange things happening and major energy shifts in the first week of you both meeting.

Often Twin Flames can be physically distant or live in different countries. Often there is something that prevents you both being together at the beginning. The physical energy between you both when you do meet is often very intense. Number sequences often follow the relationship such as get e mails/ texts at 11:11. The number 11 therefore being a mirror of each other. So a Twin flame is like the mirror of your own soul.

The relationship will feel like heaven, as if no time had been lost between you since you were last together. Sometimes conversation can seem to last forever, or just being silent, hours will pass by like seconds. You can truly be yourself with them. You will feel like you can share your entire life with them and be open with them about everything. You will have a sense of completion between you that is unexplainable.

Soul Mates however, are like our soul family. We may share many lifetimes with soul mates too as they help us grow and evolve and understand who we are. ?You may feel very close to a soul mate on a soul level and have had many different types of relationships in past lives. Parent, brother sister, child, best friend or romantic relationship. There is a deep love for each other that is less superficial than other people that may be in your life. We can meet many soul mates in our lifetime, as they can help us to grow ?spiritually

Have you met your soul twin or a soul mate?

For Twin Flame and Soul mate readings?, call Paul now on: ? ?0800 043 1026, or +44 1366 381 239,


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( Under UK law readings are regarded as for entertainment purposes only)??


Skype Readings

June 17th, 2015

Hi Everyone,

If you would like your reading on Skype, add me up on Emjay 3030, and send me your request.


Under UK Law readings are regarded as for entertainment purposes only.

Look forward to be of help you soon, Paul P

Send your testimonies

June 17th, 2015

Hi everyone,

If you would like me to publish your testimony of your reading on line here, just e mail it to me on

It may take about a month to appear here, but it will be published.

Best Wishes

Paul P



Thank you Mystical and Starlight.

April 17th, 2014

Dear Steve
thank you for your Easter wishes
I had a wonderful reading with Starlight and she really gave me peace of mind today
I will contact you mid / end of May again to organise the next reading as by then things are going to for a bigger change and Starlight will look into to situation again and gives me more inside so I can handle the situation better as my understanding is better.
She is really great and such a wonderful person as well.
It is always very lovely to speak with her.

Benevolence, the route to spiritual well being.

November 21st, 2011

Different paths or corridors of the human spirit or soul, can take us on a compelling journey through many life-changing and exciting experiences. Each and every one will be different for all of us. However the goal we all should be aiming for is a greater sense of spiritual fulfillment.

Genuine life changing experiences such as perceptions through time, or out-of-body experiences would give us all a profound spiritual awakening. However,his may never happen for some, but there are many ways to gain life changing ways.Thinking of loved ones first, and changing the way we treat and interact with strangers should help us all toward a philosophy of benevolence, that will help us to get through our daily lives in a spiritual way. Acceptance of change is also another factor to be considered.We have to embrace the changes and add them to the spiritual pot of the soul.
These paths or corridors can be very wondrous and pleasing changes that we can all experience should we want to. Taking time out from the daily routine, to sit and meditate for instance, can remove us from the everyday world and into a higher plain. We can then bring the experience back, to help us make decisions towards a more fulfilled sense of spiritual well being.
Steve @ Mystical.


April 19th, 2010



Before you start manifesting you may need to cut the chords with something that is no longer working in your life. This could be an unhealthy relationship , or say a job that is no longer what you want to do anymore.

An effective way that I find in cutting the chords, is to visualise a figure of 8, put yourself in one side of the figure of 8 , and whatever you want to cut the chords from in the other side. Then visualise yourself cutting the figure of 8 in two. You may need to do this regularly, say at least twice a day, until you feel the ties are completely cut.

Then Think about what it is that you want to manifest in your life: New Job? New Relationship?Better health? More Money? Improved Psychic Ability? Whatever it may be start picturing it in your minds eye.



Affirmation?” I have the divine ability to attract all that I need and desire in my life”

We all have a physical body and an etheric counterpart, or spirit body. Our higher self just wants to be at peace.We have all evolved from a simple tribal culture to the modern day of having computers. When we want to attract something new into our lives we need to leave the tribal consciousness. So many famous inventors must have been told ” You will never be able to do that”. It is now time to leave the tribe, and no longer worry about what others may think. Keep what you want private between yourself and God.

I also thought that this ties in Nicely with the Spiritualist principle ” Eternal progress open to every human soul”


Affirmation ” I trust in myself and in the wisdom that created me”

When you have trust, you then have faith that you can achieve anything.

Shakespeare said that our doubts are our traitors.

” There is nothing good or bad except the thinking that makes it so”

Milton said in Paradise lost

” A person can make a hell out of a heaven or a heaven out of a hell”

William Blake:

” If the sun and moon would doubt, it will surely go out”

God is in you and in everything that you are trying to attract in to your life. You are just manifesting another aspect of yourself. It is important to align yourself with the flowing God Force.? Say, take a glass of water from the ocean, you are separating it from its source and it has no power. By returning the water back to the ocean, it has its power back.

Trust that the divine power is in you and turn your most serious worries over to God. You do also have to Co Create as well, and do everything that you can do to make it happen as well. I believe that God only helps those who help themselves too.

Be congruent, your mind, Body and Spirit all going in the same direction, you will get there faster.

The Spiritualist principle that I thought this tied in with is ” The Fatherhood of God”


Affirmation : ” I Deserve to experience divine abundance as it is part of God”

You need to believe that you are worthy to receive what you want, and when it shows up, you want to take it. I always say that I do what I love and I love what I do. If I no longer love it anymore I either change what I am doing or change my attitude towards it.

Try to make every effort where possible to remove negative habits from your daily life. Pessimism, complaining, judgements, fault finding and replace it with words in your vocabulary of love and peace.

Speak Life over your own life as speaking negative keeps you from feeling worthy. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you and don’t pull you down.

You are just as worthy as anyone else to have what you want.


1) Read spiritual literature every day/Self Help/ Poetry

2) Surround yourself with things of beauty, flowers / pictures and things that you love.

3) Practice acts of kindness towards yourself. Buy something special for you today, that perfume that you may have wanted ect, or go and pamper yourself and put some aromatherapy oils in the bath.

The universe needs to be seen as a friendly place , the snow, the rain , the bad and the good weather. It is not conspiring against you. Unworthiness blocks the flow.


” I am at one with my surroundings”

You are not disconnected from your environment. It is already you. You are connected to the birds,the flowers and what it is that you want to manifest. When you get past the physical limitations and blocks, you can begin manifesting.

Both Honouring your worthiness to receive and understanding the wholeness of creation , are the personal responsibility principles of Spiritualism.



What was it that you did to manifest what you already have in your life? It showed up because you connected with your inner world. Make sure that the pictures that you create work with you and also act as if it is already here.

Health- think that you are already healthy/ non toxic

Soul mate – Talk to them as if they are already here.

prosperity- Look Prosperous, walk around?that car dealership for the car that you want. It just has not quite aligned itself with your intention yet!

The Spiritualist principle that I feel that this most applies to is “Compensation and retribution for the good and evil deeds done on earth” Basically cause and effect and as you sow you reep.


Unconditional love is the glue that holds the universe together. Think of someone who is upsetting you at the moment and see them as your teacher, only sending them loving thoughts. Love transforms all situations, so try and live in the most unconditional way possible.

Also speak with your loved ones in Spirit. Just take that photo out of say Grandad in Spirit and start speaking to it. The Spirit world and our loved ones, can see?a little further ahead than we can, and they want to help us too. See what mental impressions you get, as the spirit world communicates telepathically through the mind.

The Spiritualist principle that this most applies to is ” Communion of Spirits and Ministry of angels”


Once you have put your thought of what you want on to the universe, detach from it. You are in process. Don’t demand a time scale, understand that it is on its way. Really all that you desire is peace. Have certainty that you know that it will arrive and go about your business. Thank the first shoots of what you want and see the obstacles as lessons. Patience shows trust.


Begin a daily practice of gratitude for what you have, you deserve to have more show up and are entitled to have it. Tell others how much you appreciate them. Tip more! By practicing generosity you are showing belief in abundance. Hoarding shows disbelief. The more that you give the more flows through you. If you take in?a breath, you have to give one out too.

This is also the Brotherhood of Man Principle of Spiritualism. WE are all part of the same divine family.


” I meditate each day to increase the divine power within me. ” Go and get a good meditation CD, say TEMPLE IN THE FOREST is my favorite. Try and do this meditation for two minutes every day if you can.?Visualise a rose bud unfolding in your mind. Think of what you want to manifest and how it feels to have it. Picture that feeling of more peace/ security going from your third eye to your base chakra. Then visualise the rose bud folding back up again.


Paul MJ Perris

The Things that can prevent communication from Spirit

February 18th, 2010

When you are worried, fearful or stressed out, it can be more difficult for your guides and helpers in the spirit world to communicate to you. It can be like a fog that blocks the clairvoyance, or at the very least could distort the messages.

A dictionary definition of worry is ” To be troublesome to, to disturb the peace of mind of, To give way to anxiety. Mental uneasiness” To be Anxious is a “Troubled and uneasy state of mind”

In my research in the past, I discovered that the word worry is derived from a German word ” Worgon” meaning to choke. The word worry then developed to mean mental strangulation. I believe that worry has very little positive effects and can strangle the life out of you.

Fear is described in the dictionary as ” an unpleasant emotion caused by nearness of danger or expectation of pain. I once heard a really good acronym for fear:





Often, what we fear and worry about rarely happens!

Here are a few useful quotations that I really like:

” There is nothing to fear except fear itself” Winston Chuchill

“There is nothing good or bad about a situation except the thinking that makes it so” William shakespeare, King Lear.

” A person can make a hell out of a heaven or a heaven out of a hell.” It is all dependant on the state of thinking. Milton, Paradise lost.

By clearing your mind with regular?meditation or any other relaxation techniques that may work for you, more peace of mind can be achieved and your connection with spirit can be improved. It is also very important to ask for protection as well , to keep away any un wanted influences. This can apply both to :

a) only wanting spirit communication from a higher authority, to those who want to spread knowledge of the light

b) Often sensitives can be also very sensitive to the energy of others around them, and can be like a sponge sucking up negative energy. Say for example , if a?person was in a depressed mood, the Medium could also pick that up from the aura too and may feel depressed without realising it.? Visualising a cloak of protection around you, keeping the aura strengthened, and sending negativity towards the light are all methods that can control this.

Laziness, apathy and passivity can also hinder growth. When I teach in development circles I always say to my students ” Have a go at giving a message and you are half way there”. Quite often, Spirit communication may be a little abstract as they are using telepathy to communicate, so by speaking about what you are feeling or sensing, it will help you improve the delivery of your messages. For example, once I was giving a reading and I saw Tommy Cooper flash through my mind. This could have been interpreted in so many ways, but?I just intuitively listened to what my mind was telling me.

I said , I feel that I need to?say the name “Tommy ” to you. The lady that I was then giving a reading to burst in to tears of happiness,?and said that Tommy was her husband?, that passed away last year.

I would say, from my own experience that?sending out Loving thoughts before I do a reading is a very powerful way of attracting the spirit?world?in. By dropping the Ego , the ” Look how Brilliant I am approach”, and?having humility works best. I always say that we can not heal a fly or give out any?clairvoyant or mediumistic information?in our own might. We are just channels for higher authorities.

Paul MJ Perris

Are you really in love?

March 2nd, 2009

I often get asked when doing readings ” am I really in love”

To know whether you are really in love is not the easiest of questions to answer. What may seem like love to one person may only infact be no more than an attraction to someone. If you know someone that seems to fall in and out of love quickly it may just be lust. This is?a very powerful feeling but generally of a sexual or physical attraction nature.

True love in my opionion is based on commitment, friendship?and trust, and is so much deeper. I think that if you are in love with someone you have your best friend by your side and you feel physically attracted to them as well. You are both interested in each others happiness. Being in love should make you feel so good and on top of the world.

Paul MJ Perris

I Love you but I am not in love

March 2nd, 2009

I often get asked when doing readings what their partners mean when they say ” I do love you but I am not in love with you”. Being on the recieving end of these words can cause confusion and devastation. However, in my opinion they are only code words for ” I am not sure that I am ready to have a relationship with you at this moment in time.”

As a relationship matures it will move through different stages and the feelings of excitement of the past when the relationship began, often get confused with how they are feeling now. In essence the feelings of love, in all probability are deepening rather than fading as the relationship moves into a different phase.

Major life changes which may provoke high levels of stress in a person may make them confused about how they feel.

A very effective way to deal with this situation is to step back out of their space, while they work their feelings out. It could be that their real problem was that they are unhappy at work, but are confusing that with the relationship. In the cliche ” absence makes the heart grow fonder”, by having a short time apart from each other and not communicating for say two days or a week can be really healthy on the relationship and the feelings of?true love?can be?renewed.

It will give the both of you time for reflection and gives time out to see how you or they feel about one another. If the “absence makes the heart forget” then at least you both can move forwards from each other and have a mutual respect for each other before it leads to any kind of resentment. You can then remember the positive memories you both shared. However, you may have just become incompatible in some key areas. It may then be worth going to Relate and?getting counselling on the relationship together.

Written by Paul MJ Perris

Activating the Chakras

January 22nd, 2009

Find a quiet place to sit and relax. If you have any soft music, you can also put that on in the background. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. Start on the Base Chakra and work your way up to the Crown Chakra and visualise yourself breathing in and out the colour related to each Chakra.


Visualise your energy making contact with everything that is precious to you within your physical environment. Your Home, Your partner, Your pets,?friends or close family members, your work and your favorite possessions. Be re charged by everything that you are holding in your mind and feel the gratitude for everything that you have got.


Visualise circuits of energy flowing from your second chakra into the images of everything that you desire to create. Unplug your energy circuits from any negative relationships in your life and seal your second chakra so that no more energy is lost. Focus your attention on the loving relationships in your life and allow love to fill your sacral chakra.


Reflect on what you need to do physically , emotionally and spiritually. What may you need to let go of and what do you need to keep in your life. How will letting go or hanging on effect your healing. Make promises to your spirit. Your spirit needs hope, inspiration, prayer and the energy of forgiveness. Pray to retrieve your spirit from the past and leave behind you places and memories that you should have left behind long ago. Decide now to live in the present at all times.


Pray for divine love and the ability to open your heart to others, and for the compassion to treat yourself with gentleness. Try to take yourself into your own heart.What can you do today that would be enjoyable for yourself. Allow a tranquil feeling of calm penetrate your spirit and physical body. There is always a pathway to yourself. Perhaps it is now time to start doing something for yourself that you have wanted to do for a very long time but postponed. Maybe now it is time to start reading poetry that brings strength and inspiration, take up painting, drawing or sculpting, play a musical instrument or dancing. Or even take a trip somewhere that you have never got around to visiting. Loving yourself and other people will give you the energy that is healing. Take the time now to celebrate with those people you love that you are in their life and they are in yours. Visualise sharing that love with others as well.


Perhaps confess to yourself the troubles that you have caused yourself or others, or the troubles that others have caused you. By admitting to such actions , you empty yourself of the toxins generated by the shadow side of yourself. Strive to make your energy and will clean. Whatever comes into your mind, speak it out?and release it.??This Chakra is about any areas of lack of communication in your life.


This chakra represents the abitity to see clearly. We need to believe that our lives are meaningful as we strive to find out what our overall contribution is to the universe. The shadow side to this chakra is self doubt and comparing ourself to others. When we lose sight of our own self worth, we become unbalanced and regard others with hostility, envy and negative judgements. These thoughts can threaten our health and we may get a feeling that we are going nowhere. Try to clear your mind of all these thoughts.

THE CROWN CHAKRA (?PURPLE) However, I find that actually visuallising a pure brilliant white is also very effective for activating this chakra)

This is the centre that connects you to the divine, higher power within. I find that out of all the Chakras , this takes the least ammount of energy to activate as all types of prayer can activate this Chakra. Also think of the new relationship you would now like to have with this higher power, and feel a new sense of faith and trust as things start to unfold in a new and more positive way.

Paul MJ Perris

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